What is Fitness ?

What is fitness

What is Fitness : Fitness is when we feel strong from outside, our body look fit, when we think we can beat anyone in fight. No. A big NO.
Fitness is when we feel strong from outside, when we know that we have strong core, are bones are strong, our digestion system is strong. This is called fitness. And to maintain this fitness we all have to maintain a nutrition diet in which the food should have proteins, fibers, carbohydrates, and many other and at the same time doing exercises.
Bodybuilding is when people change their physique and enhance their strength through exercising.Young people want to maintain their body shape and are very frequent visitors to the GYM.When you get into bodybuilding, you subject your bones to stress. This will send a signal to the body so as to increase the bone density. As you continue to exercise, the body and bones adapt and leads to much stronger bones. When training for body building, you start with light exercises and weights. As you advance, you take on much weight which puts more stress on your bones. This leads to overuse of bones and joints. This is the primary cause of joint pains and injuries in bodybuilders

If you know that your digestive system is not so strong and you want a heavy body, you regularly doing great gym, doing all the necessary exercise but you can’t eat more because your body can’t digest it. So, instead of eating you can go for a option which is drinking. Yes you heart that right. You can drink more likes more protein shakes, normal fruits shakes. But, now the question arises why shakes ? So, you can drink more over eating, and shakes are made up of milk which is very much high in protein that gives you and to your body a instant energy and you feel strong. And the second option you can have oats, ragi, sprouts they all are very good in nutrition. So, if you want to be healthy you can have these things.

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If you want abs, then what you should follow :

‌You have to quit your regular eating habits, you can’t have oily food, can’t have chocolates, you can’t have spices.
‌you have to eat boiled chicken, cucumber,carrots in your meals.

If you know that your body is lacking behind because of water, first of all start drinking more water if you don’t. Secondly, you can eat rice if you can’t drink more water.

In This world, now if you all  know but there are alot many cafes and restaurants that serves healthy food not only junk food. For those bodybuilder who strictly follow their balanced diet they can go out and have tasty healthy food.
And if you are a foodie and want to know which is perfect food to add in your diet. To know this you can visit several sites like Delicios Dona.
These types of websites provide the different types of food and exact knowledge of that food with it’s nutrition which helps us to add healthy food in our diet plan.

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