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What is Circuit Training

What Is Circuit Training

Circuit Training: This Training was introduced by R.E. Morgan and G.T. Adamsonin the year 1957. Later in the year 1979, Scholish mofified the Circuit Training. He gave number of exercises which can be used in circuit training programme. Circuit Training is more popular as compare to other training method. In this training, there are generally 5 to 15 exercises given below:

Some Of the Exercises in Circuit Training

  1. Bench Press
  2. Dumbell Squad
  3. Chinning The Bar
  4. Bench Stepping
  5. Press Up
  6. Situps
  7. Dumbell Raising Sideways
  8. Skipping

These are some of the exercise of circuit training. These exercise are carefully selected acc. to their effect on the performance of an athlete. Generally, the exercise are arranges in a way that different muscles are exercised for same muscle group eg. Circuit training program of a high jump for leg strength. The stations at which the exercises are performed are arranged in circle. The athlete perform one set of each exercise for a fixed time period and then moves to the next station for doing next exercise. In this way, he does a set of each exercise till the circuit is over. This is called one round. In this session, generally three or more round of circuit training have to be done.

The circuit training is more suitable for developing endurance abilities. Circuit training if performed with high intensity with sufficient time period can also develop maximum strength. Circuit Training can also be used for teaching of new skills of games and sports.

From above discussion it is concluded that circuit training is an effective organizational form of doing physical exercise for improvement of endurance and strength abilities.

Circuit Training can be performed in two ways :

  1. Continuous circuit training method : In this type of training, an athlete an perform the exercise with low intensity i.e. upto 60% of maximum. As the intensity is less in this method, therefore an athlete can perform the exercise in each station continuously i.e. without taking any rest or recovery. That is why this method is known as Continuous circuit training method.
  2. Interval circuit training method : In this type of training an athlete can perform the exercises with high intensity i.e. from 60% to 90% of the maximum. As the intensity is very high in this training method. Therefore an athlete can perform the exercise in each station with taking some rest or recovery between each station

Types of Circuit Training :

Depending upon the nature of exercises, it can be classified into two types:

  1. General circuit training method : When general exercises are used in circuit training for general physical fitness, which is training load and movement structure are different from the competition activity, is called general circuit training.
  2. Specific circuit training method : When specific, exercised are used, which is load and movement structure are similar to the competition activity, it is called specific circuit training. Specific circuit training develops specific components directly for the specific competition or event.


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