Importance of Yoga in our Daily Life

Importance of Yoga : Yoga is very important in our day today life because it helps us to made control on our body and keeps our body fit and flexible. Practically speaking, Yoga is a science which deals with the health of body and harmony of mind. The main object of yoga is to impart sound body with tension free and sound mind. The ultimate Aim of yoga is “self identification and self perfection” which comes through “Self purification and self realization”. There are different types of poses and exercises in Yoga, Therefore, we can say yoga is  a way of Life, a means to enjoy completely, happy, healthy and peaceful living. The benefits of Yoga are numerous. In terms of energy, it is like a universe in itself. Importance of Yoga or benifts of Yoga are explained below :

Importance of Yoga
Importance of Yoga : Yoga is very important in our day today life because it helps us to made control on our body and keeps our body fit and flexible.
  1. Helpful during off-season : During off-season sports person needs passive activities without loss of fitness. Thus Yoga helps the sports persons to maintain their fitness during off-season.
  2. Improve various systems : Yoga helps the sports persons to improve various systems of body at the same time. The improved efficiency of various systems increases the performance.
  3. Glandular functioning improves : Practice of yoga improves various glandular functioning. It helps the individual to remain active thus, efficiency is improved.
  4. Increases immunity : Yogic techniques increases the immunity of the individual thus, diseases and other health problems can be prevented. It makes the sports persons healthy throughout life.
  5. Regulates diet : Yogic techniques improve the efficiency of digestive system. Thus, appetite take place. It regulates the diet of sports persons which is the back bone of the sports persons.
  6. Weight control : Sports persons often gain weight during off-season which is stigma to sportsperson. This can easily be prevented by practicing yoga. Moreover, Personality of the persons also improves.
  7. Development of Fitness : Yoga practices (asana and pranayam) develop high level of physical fitness especially endurance and flexibility. It also strengthens various weak joints and muscles which are very helpful during sports.
  8. Relaxes body : As Yogic asanas are slow stretching activity thus it is very helpful to release the body after strenuous activity. Yoga benefits sports persons to recover easily. Moreover it refreshes them back to normal. They are also performed after the activity to cool-down the body thus, considered for limbering down.
  9. Rehabilitation during injury : Yogic techniques (asanas) are very good to recover from injury. Thus, they are practiced for rehabilitation process during injury.
  10. Control anxiety : During sports competition a balanced from of stress and anxiety is required. Yogic techniques like Pranayams are very helpful in controlling the anxiety of the individual thus, performance is increased.
  11. Improve concentration : Many techniques of yoga help to increase concentration. Thus they are practiced to improve concentration.

These all are the very important parts of yoga and are very helpful for our fitness. Also for the development of various organs, glands etc and also increases our appetite and and regulates our diet. After attaining the final stage, we can say that the yoga is important for all of us whether it’s a sports person or a common person.

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