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Importance of Physical Fitness: Today, great importance is being given to the physical fitness of every individual. It is really a very significant for leading a happy and well balanced life. Many people think that physical fitness is necessary only for sports persons because they participate in vigorous activities of sports. They are not aware of “Importance of physical fitness” is necessary for a common man also. Physical fitness is important in daily routine work such as carrying, walking, running, jumping etc. It changes our Life style. If we want to lead a happy and healthy life, then it is necessary to be Physically fit. From educational institution to work places, many programes are being included. For example, Fix time for games, Physical exercise, health, hygiene, development of social qualities, physical activities etc. This is because each aspects of one’s life has impact on health. The Physical fitness can be revealed by the following points.

Harmonious Growth and Development : Physical Fitness program provides good and healthy environment which helps in harmonious growth and development of individual.

Improvement in Physical Abilities : Physical fitness activities directly improves strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and co-ordination abilities to a great extent.

Improvement in Efficiency : Through physical fitness overall efficient of an individual is improved. A physical fit person can perform work with less fatigue and tiredness. Thus, it improves efficiency.

Better Utilization of Time : Physical fitness program provides good atmosphere for growth and development. Thus time is utilized in a better way and it gives good chance to express one’s hidden talent.

Good Looking Personality : Physical fitness help us to maintain good shape, and size of body structure. Thus physical personality becomes attractive.

Physical Ability Improves : Physical fitness activities directly improve strength, speed, endurance, flexibility and co-ordination ability.

Preparedness For Emergency : A Physically fit person perform his job efficiently and still has sufficient reserve of energy to meet emergency situations.

Understanding of Hygiene : Through physically fitness, we learn to maintain hygiene not only at personal level but also at community level.

Idea of Balanced Diet : Physical fitness helps us to control and manage stress.It also directs our emotions in good way.

Experiences of Life Stresses : Physical activities help us to control and manage stress. It also directs our emotions in good way.Prevents Premature Aging : A healthy, clean and safe environment provides optimum well being to live most. This keeps us young throughout and prevents from premature aging.

Development of Social Quality : Through physical activity many qualities are developed like co-operation, adjustment, tolerance, patience etc. which help us to adjust well in society.

Improvement in Physiological System : Physical fitness improves the functioning of various system of body. Thus body works efficiently and effectively without disorder.

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