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How to reduce breast Size

How to Reduce breast size

How to Reduce breast size:  Breast is a part of female body and it is Breast development through a woman’s life. Some women may prefer  larger breast and some small and some normal size as per their expectation. However, Some of the women trouble with large breasts and they can come up  with a  number of problems including back and neck pain and some other problems. Embryological tissues are the main tissues which are helpful for the growth of women breast.


Causes for Bigger Breast : It is caused  because of the  high level of estrogen  released in the female body during the teenage period.  Due to this the size of breast of women become bigger then normal. It is happen only is some teenagers not in all !

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Home remedies For Reducing breast size

How to Reduce breast size so,  Here we come with some methods which can helps you to avoid discomfort and to increase our mobility by reducing your breast size . You can consult with your doctor before you try our methods because there are very less invasive options to reduce breast size.  So, lets begin with our first method and that is ;

1.Aerobic exercises

If you want to boost your metabolism rate of your body then Aerobic exercises are very important and helps a lot to boost up metabolism rate. Aerobic exercises include a lot of exercises which you can do on daily basis like swimming, cardio, running, walking, hiking, fartlek running, circuit training, aerobic classes, dancing etc.

They all are very good exercises and helps very much to get better results. You have to perform these exercises 6-7 times a week for almost an hour to obtain results faster and better. As soon as your workout starts then your metabolism rate of your body increases  and you start burn calories and a calories deficient diet helps you to loose weight and loosing weight results in smaller size of breast.

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2.Breast massage

Giving massage to your breast is also important because it helps to decrease excess fat tissues present in that portion of body. For massaging you can use bust reducing cream because it will help you a lot while reducing size. Note: Do not apply the bust reducing cream on your nipples and use equal amount of cream on both sides. Then massage them equally because massaging one side more can causes problem of size of both side boobs. Also you can consult with your doctor or physician about and use it as per their recommendation.

  1. Diet Plan

As we all know diet plan plays a very important role in any type of work, injury or fitness. Here is our Topic is How to reduce breast size So, This method will work if you have more fat Store on your body because more fat on your body can result in the bigger boobs. If you have fat then you must follow a calories deficient diet.

There are many diets in market now or you can build your own diet but all the nutrients must be present in it and it must be calories deficient diet on you can loose fat. Also you can try  Golo diet because it is a good diet to go with. You have to maintain a well balanced diet because it result in faster results. You must add protein in your diet which you can easily get from lean meat like chicken, fish and also fruits and vegetables are also important . Regular workout is also very important with diet.


  1. Green tea

It is high in antioxidants and many peoples uses green tea for loosing weight and when you start loosing weight then your breast size also reduces the main work of green tea is to boost metabolism of your body which increases the rate of burn of fat and calories and this happens because of the antioxidants present in the green tea. This tea helps you in the reduction of fat build up or stop it and will help reduce the size of your breast . Also if you do not know the recipe of making diet then do not take tension here is the recipe of making green tea.

  • Add 1 teaspoon of green tea leaves to add to a cup of boiling water
  • Let it stir it  for about 5 minutes before straining it
  • Add ½ teaspoon of honey into it
  • Drinking the tea for 3-4 times per day can be helpful
  • Keep doing this process for several period of time in your diet.


  1. Ginger

As we all know Ginger is very beneficial for our health if consumed in a  right way. Ginger is a natural herb. It very beneficial for our health because it increases the metabolism of the body, and ginger has gingerol which effect our blood same as the aspirin i.e  blood thinning effect, also ginger reduce cholesterol and triglycerides. It is also good aid to help combat heart attacks and strokes.

We can use ginger to make Tea and then tea will have the same affect as the Green Tea. So, which results in the High metabolism and hence we loose weight which leads to the reduce in size of Women breast.


how to reduce breast size
how to reduce breast size: It is best Herb found in the hot areas like India, Australia, China, Nigeria etc.


  1. Flax seed

The main is for the abnormal growth of women breast is due to the high level of estrogen. The level of estrogen is women body can be reduce with the help of Flax seeds. Flax seeds are  also rich in Omega 3 fatty acid content. It is also popular for improving our digestive system. Because of this richness of omega 3 fatty acid the level of estrogen is controlled. This is the main key to stop the abnormal growth of women breast. But the problem is here that if there will be any hormone balance then it can trigger the growth of Breast.

You can but it at any local medicine store but first of all talk to the doctor it will be more beneficial and take dosage as per recommended by the Doctor.


  1. Clothing

Wear those clothes that  perfectly fits you . Don’t wear clothes that are too tight or too loose clothes . Since these will just make your breast look bigger and draw attention to them. Wearing  shirts that are long and down around the widest part of your hips.

This will draw the attention of the peoples  downward and away from the breast.

Both of these methods  will do a lot to reduce in the appearance of your hips also.  Wearing  clothes that will draw attention away from your chest and make it look smaller by comparison. Wear skirts or  horizontally striped pants and when you wear skirts, try to wear full, circle skirts.

reduce breast size
how to reduce breast size by clothing technique.


Though breast reduction surgery is a common option for decreasing the breast size surgeon usually: Makes an incision around the areola and down each breast. And Removes excess breast fats. Before you start  any natural  diet that may interfere with your medications, consult with your doctor first.

If you experience side effects or reactions to any of these remedies, immediately call your doctor. If none of these natural remedies reduce your breast size then talk to your doctor.  About breast surgery with your healthcare provider.

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