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How to Increase height Naturally

How to Increase Height Naturally


How to Increase Height Naturally : Many peoples face problem about “how to increase height naturally” or how to grow our height taller. This question is found in various youngsters those who are short in height and in various discussion forums. Many of the companies take advantage of this and launches their pills, supplements and different medicines in the market. They claim that these pills can increase their height but the truth is there is no pills or supplements to increase height after the age of 18 to 21 for boys and 16 to 18 for girls. So, don’t waste your time and money on these cheap and useless products.

Short height has it’s own disadvantages. Many of peoples lack self confidence and fell uncomfortable while going collage or any other places because they do not want to be teased for their short height by friends and relatives. But shortness of your height does not mean that you can do nothing in this world. There are many short height peoples with great success like Micheal J Fox ( actor ), Jacob Matlala ( shortest boxer), Tyrone Bogues (shortest NBA player) etc. Also Ghengis Khan the brutual, famous and first khan of the Monogolian Empire is short in height. So, don’t think if you are short you can not do nothing because the world does not need you they just need your Talent.

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But tall height has it’s own advantage. In every aspect like Job, marriage proposal, sports and relationships taller peoples are given more preference as compare to short peoples. There is good news for you if you want to increase your height. In today world science has discovered many new things and also discover many scientifically proven techniques to increase your height whether age group you belong, it can increase your height through various natural methods and through different techniques.

First of all we have to discuss the factors which affect your height

There are basically two factors which affect your height are


Genetic Factor : Science has claimed that our height is 60 to 80 percent depends upon the our type of genes and 20 to 40 percent on our Nutrition and exercises and the environment in which you are living. Generally The genetic parameter which consider the total variation of height is determine by estimating the value of resemblance among relatives such as parents, siblings and our ancestors with their similarity in height.


Non Genetic Factor : Factors like nutrition, hormonal imbalance and lack of physical fitness are the main non genetic factors which influence your height. Not taking proper nutrition means you are not giving your growth to your body and result in weakness and short height. Not performing exercise may result to laziness and your body did not get on work may not make tension and stress on your muscles and bones and may result no growth and lead to short height.

Just keep this two factors in your mind.

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Methods How to Increase  Height


These methods are selected very carefully and after doing very research. These methods which we are going to explain now are given by doctors and physicians from across the world. These are natural ways to increase your height so just try these methods and I assure you guys you will get result after properly following these methods.

  1. Yoga asanas
  2. Surya namaskar
  3. Stretching your body
  4. Healthy eating
  5. Different Hanging Exercises
  6. Palvic shift
  7. Cycling
  8. Good Amount of Sleep
  9. Swimming
  10. Exercises or Playing different sports


Yoga Asanas : Yoga is very important in our day today life because it helps us to made control on our bodyand keep our body fit and healthy.  There are different yoga asanas for standing, sitting and lying. They include many different asanas in it and  are very beneficial for increasing our height and also develop different muscles of our body. Yoga also improves various systems of our body and glandular functioning. By doing yoga our muscles gets developed and also helps in increasing height.

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Surya Namaskar : It is devoted to the worship of SUN which is the provider of energy, light and heat. Surya namaskar relieves stiffness, energizes the body and refreshes the mind. When we perform surya namaskar it increases our flexibility of our body and develop different muscles which leads to the increase in the height of body. It is also good for the heart and cardiovascular system. Surya namaskar has number of benefits from which increase of height is also one of them.

surya namaska
Surya Namaskar : Surya namaskar exercise is devoted to the worship of SUN which is the provider of energy, light and heat

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Stretching your body : Stretching of body helps to stretch different muscles of our body which helps in the growth of that muscles. Stretching before performing exercises save our body from getting any injury. When our muscles stretch they produce tension it and is helpful for increasing height.


Healthy Eating : You must know that our exercises contribute only 10 to 30 percent approx in the growth of our body the rest is depend upon what we eat. A Balanced diet is very important for the growth of our body. You have to maintain regular exercise with a balanced diet plan which contains a lot of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, and all necessary minerals to bring out desired changes in your body. If you do not take diet with exercise then it will not give any profit to your body. All the doctors and physician and dietitian recommend to follow the given diet plan accordingly from morning breakfast to lunch to the dinner, it will be beneficial to you. You must also add green vegetables, meat, fruits with high nutrition in your diet plan for the better result.

What is Golo Diet
The first question which comes in mind is that “What is Golo diet”. So the GOLO diet is a healthy weight loss program that is designed to help you lose weight by shedding 1-2 pounds per week.

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Different Hanging Exercises : You often hear that hanging exercises are helpful for the growth of our height and that’s true because hanging with the pole as shown in figure increases the gap between vertebrae and it allows the spinal disc to retain more fluid which results in increase in length and strength of the spine and it also affect our neck muscles which results in the release of the growth hormones in the body and helps in the growth of height. You can also try different hanging exercises like

  1. Hanging pelvic tilt
  2.  knee circle
  3.  knees to elbows
  4.  knee tuck to twist
  5.  scissors

And many more different hanging exercise for more better results.



Pelvic Shift : You can google how to perform pelvic shift. As you can see pelvic shift puts tension and stress on the muscles of your abdomen, spine, calf muscles and thigh which helps in growth of that respective muscles. And which helps in the increase in your height also so, perform this exercise.


Cycling : cycling is very famous for the development of strength, stamina. While cycling our most of the body muscles are active to perform the work especially the muscles of hands and legs.  There are different health benefits of regular cycling. Like it increases muscle strength and flexibility, improves joint mobility, strengthened bones, decreased stress levels and body fat level and it also improves the posture and co-ordination of the body. The cycling is very beneficial for our health. As it helps in the growth of different body muscles which  helps in the increase in the height of a person.

Component of Physical Fitness-Speed
Components of Physical Fitness: In Physical Fitness There are 5 components of physical fitness.

Good Amount of Sleep and Rest : While performing any kind of activity we must need rest in between them. Because it helps to regain some strength and stamina for performing task. Sleep plays a very important role in the development of our height and muscles. Because we all know that when we do exercise our muscles get some damage in it. Because  nutrition plays a important role and helps to repair all the muscles . A good amount of sleep is very important for the development of muscles. And if muscles develop automatically our height will increase. You  must take 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day.


Swimming : While swimming our all the body parts are in work. And therefore we can say that swimming helps in our full body workout. Inside the water when we swim our body also stretchers. And which helps in the increase of height and growth of different muscles of the body.


Exercises or Playing Different Sports : I know many peoples suggest you to do exercises. And that a good thing and you must follow their instructions. Because Exercise regularly is very important for the development of the height. If you do not want to  exercise then.  You can also play sports which you want like cricket, football, basketball etc. Because it will also helps in the release of the growth hormones which helps in the increase in the height.

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If you want to increase your height seriously then you have to follow these methods. And if you do not have much time to perform these steps then you need only important steps. The important steps are stretching your body, Good sleep, a good and balanced diet, hanging exercises , yoga etc. Follow only these steps I hope they will help you !

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