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How to get bigger hips

How to Get Bigger Hips

How to get bigger hips: If you want a bigger hips then personalize your healthy eating. Good nutrition will  helps  in improvement of  your muscle-to-ratio and brings your level hormones into balance for bigger hips  you’ll get better results from your workouts and have a faster metabolism.

So, the question is How to get bigger hips. It is every women dream to have bigger hips with perfect shape and every men wish to have women of perfect bigger hips.

There are ways to have bigger hips with which you can have bigger hips are mention below.

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Exercise For Bigger Hips

If your goal is perfect shaped bigger hips , know that it is only possible with hard work consistency. perfect shape not attained overnight it require lots of determination and will power.

It not that tough too Exercise play a vital role in shaping bigger hips.

First of all you have to make your daily routine for exercise , minimum 1 hour daily

  1. Sumo squats
sumo squats (how to get bigger hips)
How to get bigger hips: If you want a bigger hips then personalize your healthy eating.

With your feet and shoulder wide apart stand straight. Bend your knees while pointing your toes forward and come to squat position. Now hold your position for some seconds and then get back to normal position.

Do these squats for 15-20 repeatations.


  1. Lunges with dumbbells
lunges with dumbles
How to get bigger hips: If you want a bigger hips then personalize your healthy eating.

With your feet and shoulder wide apart stand straight. now holding dumbbells with you both hands  , lounge with right hand and bending left knee. Keep little bit distance with floor and your knee , hold your position for about 30 sec and then do this same with right leg.

Try to lounge 5-7 min in your session.

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  1. Side dumbbell abductions


With your feet and shoulder wide apart stand straight. Keep left let straight and then raise it directly out to your body. Allow the weight of dumbeel rest against to your left leg.  And then slowly back in normal position and repeat it with another leg.


  1. Side leg lifts

Lie down your body on floor on left side with head , neck in neutral position stack your  legs upon each other. While rising your left leg, brace your core and rise as high as you can and then sot it in air. Slowly return it your neutral position.

Repeat it with another leg.

  1. Dead lifts

deadlift (how to get bigger hips)

With your feet and shoulder wide apart stand straight. bend forward with your hips  making sure not bending your back. While bending let you hand hangs freely. then get back in normal position.

Repeat it around 9-10 reps.


These smalls steps go along with your way for building perfect shaper bigger hips. There is no need of drastic  change overnight.  Start slowly with basics , track your progress and then make adjustment according to your convience.


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Diet Plan for bigger Hips

As like other body parts your hips also need lots of care like hot oil massage which can reduce fats you can have perfect bigger hips.

Depending on your preference you can have following diet combos for bigger hips:

  • Greek yogurt with banana
  • Smashed potatoes with raw honey, and eggs
  • Ground coffee, juice of lemon with sea salt and olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • extra virgin olive oil and Apple cider vinegar
  • warm water, lemon , and honey
  • walnuts


massage is very important for bigger hips

There is a way known as Fat shifting. But basically it is a slow process . But with the help of this method  you  can  get a perfect shaped  bigger hips and wider hips naturally. You can also use this  technique to get bigger hips. Many women  claimed that  it works slowly over time. It helps to move stomach fats to hips area.

Moisturizing cream, olive oil, and essential oils should be use for massage for certain period of time it will help you to get perfect bigger hips.


Home made Cream :- By mixing greek yogurt and banana to make on your own anti cellulite cream. Apply this mixture on your hips and massage it well for  thrice in  a week and then wash it with cold water.


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I think your question about “How to get bigger hips” is solved now, All these exercise and diet are made to you giving best perfect shaped bigger hips that you wanted naturally.

You have already tried many routines, diets, exercise and etc. but with this you can except better results.

Just remember to maintain proper routine and consistency. Your body will take some time to adopt this new routine so change will take some time.

So best of luck for perfect shaped bigger hips.

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