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Fartlek Training | Advantages and Disadvantages


Fartlek Training 

Fartlek is a swedish word which means speed play.

This training was introduced by O’Astrand. This method has become very popular with long distances runners. In this method, natural route is used for running. In this training, style of running is similar to variable pace method, except that the change of pace is not pre-planned. The sportsman changes his pace and activity according to his own desire. He is free to choose the surface on which he is running.

Fartlek, though is very strenuous, but sports enjoy this training because nothing is forced on him. Sportsman love this training as he perform this training on a terrain which is more natural and pleasing.

e.g. Gardens, country side, hills, forests, mud, water and sand etc.

This training should be performed on grassy or soft surface. The intensity and duration of the training is similar to variable pace method. Fartlek training method develops in the sportsman the ability to exert independently to his maximum limits without any correction of coach or trainer. It develops self responsibility, self control and self consciousness. The sincere and hard working individual can make full use of this training method. The duration of activity is 20-60 minutes or more.

Thus, Fartlek training method develops psychological factors along with physiological effects which are essential for performing and training.

Fartlek Training Route

Fartlek route
Here is an example of Fartlek Training Route.

Importance of Fartlek Training Method :

  1. It is not rigid but flexible.
  2. It organised easily because it requires no equipment and specific space for training.
  3. It is good for increasing the strength and endurance of sports men.

Advantages of Fartlek Training Method :

  1. This method is used to improve the anaerobic capacity to some extent.
  2. It develops aerobic capacity.
  3. It is done mostly in off seasons.
  4. It gives pleasure and develops creativity.
  5. It provides experience of nature, gives adventure.
  6. It develops self control, self responsibility in sportsman.
  7. It provides natural motivation and increases will power.

Disadvantages of Fartlek Training Method :

1.Coach can not supervise the activity.

2. Possibility of accidents because the path is not pre planned.

3. Specific training is lacking.

4. Athlete may follow dangerous route and fail to reach the destination.

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