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Definition of Physical Fitness: There are different views regarding Fitness. Some says that it is related to task or work. For some it is a good physique which reflects Physical Fitness. For a doctor, It is the proper functioning of our main structural, functional and physiological system. In fact “Meaning of Fitness” is a simple term with broad meaning. Physical Fitness is defined as the capacity of an individual to do work effectively and efficiently with joy and pleasure. It refers to maximum functional capacity of all system of human body. It is more than the possession of strength, speed and endurance. The person who remains energetic, enthusiastic, cheerful to do work, may it be emergency is said to be “Physical Fit”

The level of Fitness varies from individual to individual. It depends upon the nature of work, size of individual, size of work, shape and structure of body, age, sex, adaptability, event, game, sports, and other activity etc. Physical Fitness requires efficient motor mechanism or movement of body, efficient organic mechanism or physiological functioning and efficient mental functioning or psychological setup.  A Fit individual posses sufficient reserve of energy to meet emergency.

Here are some of the Definations of Fitness are as under :

According to Webster Encyclopedia, “It is the ability of a person to do daily work routine work without fatigue, moreover to participate in payfull activities and still reserved enough capacity to meet any emergency.”

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In words of R.Limb, “Fitness is the capacity to meet the present and potential physical challenges of life with success.”

In words of Dr. Kroles, “Successful adaptation to the stresses of one’s life style.”

In words of Edward Burt, “Fitness implies that the body systems are capable for carrying on their activities satisfactorialy”

In words of Brown Balle, “Fitness depend upon the biodynamic potential which is composed of functional and of his metabolic function.”

In word of Nixon, “Fitness refers to the organic capacity of the individual to perform the normal task of daily living. Without undue tiredness of fatigue having reserve of strength and energy available to meet satisfactory and emergency demands suddenly placed upon him.”



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