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Breathlessness | Causes, Symptoms and Treatment


Breathlessness : The Problem Which  Is Known As (Dyspnoea). It Refers To The Breathing Problem. It Has Many Common Symptoms So It Is Difficult To Find About This Problem. Breathlessness Is Due To Conjustion And Other Problems Such As Cough, Chest Pain And Etc,. It Can Affect Lungs , Heart And Other Body Parts. It Is Due To Decrease In Level Of O2 In Blood And Increase In Level Of Co2 Or Expansion Of Lungs. Some Of Cancer Patients Also Experience Breathlessness. If You Face Problem In Breathing Or Breathing Related Symptoms, Then You Must Consult With Your Doctor. Because It May Be The Sign Of A Serious Disease.

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Symptoms of Breathlessness

Symptoms Of Breathlessness Can Include:

  • Difficulty In Taking Of Breath
  • Very Fast, Continuous Breaths
  • Your Heart Rate Increases While Facing Difficulity In Breathing
  • Pain In Chest
  • Skin Will Look Pale And Slightly Blue
  • Unmosturized Skin
  • Panicky Feelings
  • Noisy Breathing

At First You Might Feel The  Breathless Symptoms When You Are Walking Or Climbing The Stairs. And Then You Feel  Breathless Even When Resting And Sitting Down

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Causes of Breathlessness

Other Illnesses Can Cause Breathlessness, Not Just Cancer. For Example:

  •  Infection In Chest
  • Low Levels In Haemoglobin (Anaemia)
  • Heart Problems
  • Lung Diseases Such As Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (Copd)

Some Other Causes Of Long-Term Breathlessness Include:

  • Smoking
  • Myasthenia Gravis Or Motor Neurone Disease
  • Your Spine Shape Will , Affect How Your Lungs And Ribs Expand. Disease Like Scoliosis And Kyphosis
  • Anaemia, When A Lack Of Iron In The Body Leads To Few Red Blood Cells
  • Kidney Disease
  • Thyroid Disease

Treatment for Breathlessness

Natural Treatments

  1. Steam Inhalation

Try To Inhale Steam At Home

  • Take Hot Water In Bowl
  • And Then Add Few Drops Of Eucalyptus Essential Oil Or Peppermint
  • Place Their Face Over The Bowl, With A Towel Over Their Head
  • Then Take Deep Breaths, Intaking Of The Steam
  1. Drinking Black Coffee

Having  Black Coffee May Help To Reduce Breathlessness, As The Caffeine In It Can Reduce Tiredness In The Muscles Of An Individual.

3. Eating Fresh Ginger

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Drinking Of Hot Water Having Fresh Ginger In It , May Help Reduce Breathlessness Caused By A Infection In Chest.

  1. Deep Breathing

Breathing Heavily  Through The Abdomen Can Help An Individual To  Overcome His  Breathlessness Problem.

  • Put You Hands On Abdomen
  • Inhale Deeply Through Your Nose, Expanding Your Abdomen And Letting Your Lungs Fill With Air
  • Hold Their Breath For A Couple Of Seconds
  • Exhale Slowly Through The Mouth, Emptying Their Lungs
  • Do This For 5 To 10 Minutes


5. Finding A Comfortable And Supported Position

Always Sit Or Stand In A Comfortable And Supported Position. It  Can Help You To  Relax And Catch Your Breath. If Breathlessness Is Being Caused By Anxiety Or By Over-Exertion, This Treatment Is Particularly Helpful

6. Yoga 

Yoga is very helpful for curing the breathlessness. There are many postures are in yoga which can reduce breathlessness.


Drug Treatment

General Methods Can  Help An Individual To Revive From Symptoms Of Breathlessness. These Include:

  • Morphine- It Acts On The Central Nervous System To Decrease The Feeling Of Pain. Its Slow Down Your Breathing.
  • Benzodiazepines-It Is An Anti-Anxiety Drugs (Given Under The Tongue) Can Help To Reduce  Breathlessness By Reduing Your Worry And Calming You Down.
  • Bronchodilators-The Drugs Such As Steroids And Ventolin  Are Helpful In Some Patients Who Are Breathless As They Open Up The Airways.

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Breathlessness Is Extremely  Very Common But It Distressing And Frightening . You May Feel Anxious About It Or Feel Embarrassed About Other People Seeing. Go to your doctor and make a plan with  Your Doctor To Manage Your Problem. You Can Learn Control Your Breathing.


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