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Advantages of Circuit Training

Advantages of circuit training 

There are many advantages of circuit training. This Training is very easy to learn and is very effective. It is very popular training program. Following are “Advantages of the circuit training” method are given below :

  1. Load can be increased from time to time.
  2. It can accommodate large groups.
  3. Total fitness of body is developed in this method.
  4. Large number of participants can participate in this training at a time.
  5. Whole body is exercised
Circuit Training
Circuit Training: This Training was introduced by R.E. Morgan and G.T. Adamsonin the year 1957. Later in the year 1979, Scholish mofified the Circuit Training.

Some other Advantages of Circuit Training

  1. A coach or trainer can easily supervise his trainees.
  2. It can be performed with and without external resistance.
  3. It improves tolerance and patience in athletes.
  4. It improves endurance and strength endurance.
  5. It also improves maximum strength.

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Characteristics of Circuit Training 

This Circuit Training also have some important characteristics and The main characteristics of Circuit Training method are given below :

  1. The objective of this method is to develop the strength and endurance.
  2. The exercises are very simple to learn and perform in this method.
  3. Circuit training is provided to the sports person during the preparatory period.
  4. In this method, exercises are performed with medium resistance and medium weight.


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